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I’m not so sure this is visible, but here’s a screen shot of my code for my portfolio page. To get a better Idea of what that looks like, I’ve included a screenshot of the design view:

Ive set my divs up so that each image an caption is in it’s own div. The outer images are in the “outtercollumn” div and the inner ones in the “inner collumn” div. They are all set to float left and the inner collumn gets margins on either side. This way It has a very grided effect. My plans are to have a small discription and a “view project” button.

I really liked the idea of large icons with captions to grab your attention for each project. I added drop shadows and rounded corners (of which my inner collumn for some reason isnt working. I will fix it soon).

There’s still much to do, and I’m making good progress (it just doesn’t look like it because i havent “FINISHED” one thing. I make small changes to each page as I think of it.


I’ve gotten the type under control as well as the RSS feed. YAY! I also figured out how to embed my issuu.com publications for my mac and theBalm pages:




I found a website that i’ve really taken a liking to and am using for inspiration:



I really am excited to see this finished. I just need to really make a decision and stick with it.

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