Post Holiday Re-cap

Wow, so it’s been slow for the blog these past few months. Ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve been taking it easier on myself, taking less clients on at a time and letting my brain relax at nights. This is the first position I’ve had that has really challenged me mentally and kept me working all 8 hours of the day. here’s what’s been going on with us:

Trips to Milwuakee

Jeremy and I made a few trips out to Milwaukee. The first time, I assisted him on a gig for United States of Bacon. He was shooting some extra footage of some restaurants that feature bacon and LOTS of it. After that quick trip, we knew we wanted to spend more time there. The second time, we spent a night the weekend before Christmas. We walked around downtown in the historic district and explored good food, some junk shops, and even found a new book!















It was a beautiful white Christmas here in Chicago and my first time waking up to snow falling. I got up and ran outside in my boots like a little kid and walked around in it. We couldn’t see our family this year for Christmas, so we spent it watching all the new movies in theaters, going to China Town, and eating some awesome dim sum. We also visited the Lincoln park Zoo lights to get in the holiday spirit.


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Getting Psyched for Zero

week 5

Our first puppy didn’t work out because he was born with a life threatening defect, so we had to choose another. We were sad that our first choice would be put down, but we wanted to just focus on getting super psyched for our second puppy, who is equally as cute.

He’s almost 6 weeks old and we get to pick him up February 9th. He already has a blog: and we have plans to create a youtube page for him too.


I’ve been finishing up some work for my clients and taking some time to work on my own website, jeremy’s new wordpress website, and getting back on track with new blog posts.

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