From the Bookshelf: The Production Manual

production manual On one of my regular trips to the book store, I just happened to find a great reference book for graphic designers called “The Production Manual: a graphic design handbook”. It has everything from the basic elements of design such as layout, color and typography, and continues on with dealing with different elements on a page like photographs. It has everything! It shows all kinds of creative filters for photos in photoshop, it shows the right and wrong ways of printing, it shows different finishes and what they are good for. I think the best part of this book is all the different sizes it lists for layouts. It gives you dimensions for posters, cds, letterheads, computer screens, etc. It even has a section about different types of binding and folding. This is just a great book to have around for a reference and ideas as well. It shows you options you may not have thought about before be it fixing up a photo, or having a certain finish on your print.

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