Reflecting on 2015

Every year I really look forward to the end of December so that I can write these reflection posts. It gives me a chance to see how far we’ve come in our careers, our life goals and our relationship. It took me way longer to write this year’s due to end of the year travel and sickness but with that said, 2015 was a fantastic year of growth.

At the beginning of the year we were really troubled about money. Jeremy’s clients were dragging their feet on paying him on time and it was really hurting us. Winter is always slow for the film industry, and we hadn’t built up enough padding to offset the slow months yet. It was difficult, but we made it through to the other side. Work picked up in spring and he’s been going strong ever since.

Because of this we decided to cut spending where we really didn’t need to, so we broke up with cable and moved to hulu, amazon, and netflix. It’s been working really well for us and we’ve saved some money. I feel more empowered to watch what i want to when I want to.

At the beginning of the year I really felt compelled to make a plan. I felt stagnate and needed something to look forward to. So we sat down one night at dinner in the back of a tiny Chinese restaurant and listed out the things we wanted to do in the next year in crayon on their paper table cloths. It felt so good just talking it out and writing things down.

These were the highlights:
– Get Our passports
– Travel More
– Buy a new car
– Get engaged
– Go camping with friends

The first thing we tackled was getting our passports. We knew that could take up to 6 months so we wanted to get on that soon so that we could go to Vancouver for my birthday.


Traveling More

In April, I went with Jeremy to Las Vegas for NAB.  I hadn’t been since I was a child, so I was excited to get free drinks and enjoy the lights. It turns out Vegas isn’t the town for me. I don’t like to gamble, i dont like crowds, and i dont like constant smoke in my face. The part I did enjoy was walking around seeing everything lit up and the feelings of luxury. My favorite part was actually taking a day to get out of the city and go on a hike in the desert. It was a fun weekend, but I’ve had enough vegas to last a life time. I don’t know how Jeremy goes every year.





In May we went to Vancouver for my birthday. It was the perfect trip. Vancouver was beautiful! It was the perfect combination of small city, and nature. We got a chance to walk around the downtown area and walk in the wild, but beautiful Stanley park.

Vancouver Vacation



Our trip to Chicago was very short but perfect. We thought we would end up at old favorite places, but we ended up exploring new ones. We met up with friends we made and spent most of our time on the couch at Jeremy’s brother’s house relaxing and enjoying eachother’s company. It just goes to show that you dont have to have grand plans in order to have a good vacation.


New York

This last trip to new york was not planned, but when a friend of a co-worker reached out to everyone at Babycenter if we wanted to swap houses over new years, I couldn’t resist. After a rough 16 hours in transit, we finally got there. Our guest flat was on the upper east side of manhattan. A perfect place for bar hopping and eating. They had so many great little places to try, it was often hard to decide! We spent most of our trip walking around various parts of Manhattan. We took two days and walked around Brooklyn too. Most of the things we did were centered around getting a good drink or bite to eat. We weren’t interested in most of the traditional touristy things, but here are some things we did do:

– Rode in a New York Taxi and Subway train
– Walked through the insanity that was time square
– Walked around Central Park
– Ate and shopped in Chelsea Market
– Ate a new york hot dog from papaya dog and a pretzel from a street vendor.
– Ate Neopolitan style pizza
– Shopped the hipster shops in williamsberg

The best part was celebrating New Years Eve with some new friends we met who were also traveling for the holiday.

central park

Camping with Friends

We went camping a few times with our friends and family this year. It was fun going on hikes with more than just the two of us.  In June, we went to Truckee for a weekend get away with a bunch of friends. Our site had no shade so we spent most of our time hiking on the river, at the end of the second day, Jeremy proposed in front of all of our friends. I couldn’t believe they were able to keep the secret that long! We celebrated into the night with Champaign, donuts and fire cooked chicken.

camping on the lake

Creatively Driven Camping




11741287_10100498784998383_8096981434681749517_oNew Car 
We knew we desperately needed a new car. Jeremy’s saturn was on its last leg and it wouldn’t make it through another winter. We bought a Subaru Outback and now understand modern luxuries like electronic windows and locks. Reverse camera and heated seats. It’s heaven and we plan on keeping her in the family for a long time.

Business goals
in 2015 the plan was to ramp down on freelancing but I ended up doing more than I thought I would to save money for all our traveling. It was stressful for a while but ended up working out just fine. I spent a huge chunk of the year re-designing Creatively Driven only to find that it would take SO much longer to realize my designs that I took the style and applied it to a pre-made theme called Quadric. I’m still in the process of getting all the pages layed out correctly and the styles just right, but i’m farther in a few months than i was going to be at this time.

If 2014 was all about transitioning, then I think Jeremy says it best in his post mortem when he says 2015 was about “growth”. I think we’ll see 2016 as a year of pulling back a little in spending to save for our wedding and our honey moon to Ireland, but we’ll still take our spring trip some where to the midwest and go camping a few more times.

Goals for 2016

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