Reflection on 2012


It’s Nearing the end of December and as the year comes to a close I sit and reflect upon how far we’ve come in the last 12 months.

A year ago my contract with Benefit Cosmetics was ending and I had nothing lined up. Jeremy was working long hours on little pay, and I could just see the dissatisfaction on his face every day he came home. We both were making just enough to pay the bills and rent and felt like we needed a change. That’s when Jeremy decided it was time to go back to grad school.

When his letter from Columbia College came in January, he waited until the end of the night to open it. We sat in silence on the couch as he opened the letter and read it to himself slowly. From the look on his face I was sure he didn’t get in. After all, only 14 people were to be accepted. I finally broke the silence and asked what it said. He looked at me teary eyed, hugged me and said softly , ” I got in.” I smiled and hugged him tight, incredibly happy and proud of him, but knowing that this would change everything. After that I had a choice to make. Stay in San Francisco, where my heart is, or go with him to Chicago. I thought about what my life would be like without him in it, and knew that I couldn’t bare to be parted from him for 2 years.

In the last 6 months we’ve said goodbye to everyone we knew, and said hello to adventure and new opportunities. I had every faith that the two of us together could accomplish anything we set our minds to, and we have. The next little chapter in the Adventures of Chicago is about to unfold as we prepare for our new puppy, Zero. He’s a new-born corgi, only 3 weeks old and we get to pick him up at the end of January. We have many things to be thankful for, and we hope to continue to enjoy each other, be successful in our endeavors, but most importantly, have fun while we are here.

I’ve thought a lot about how far we’ve come in our careers since last year, but also have started to think about what is yet to come. I’ve had steady work for the last two years, and have felt incredibly lucky to have worked in different types of companies from large corporate retail chains to small startups. Every month, I am contacted by new clients looking to use my services and I’m starting to get a little burnt out. A few weeks ago, after a marathon of client work and day job catch-up, I was finally able to relax at 11 pm on sunday. As I sat there, letting my brain melt, and I asked myself “why in the heck did I completely sacrifice my entire weekend? I didn’t enjoy any of that”.

My dream used to be to open my own stationery shop somewhere in San Francisco. Then I thought maybe Jeremy and I should form our own design/video production firm. Now I’m not sure what I want long-term. I know I want to move back to San Francisco as a start. I’d love to work for a branding firm and learn more about marketing and running a business the RIGHT way.

Here are my goals for the next year:

1) Revamp again. Move everything to  Word Press so that Jeremy can have a cohesive site/blog experience and can update his portfolio on his own.

2) Revamp with a wordpress theme. No more long nights of fidgeting with code. I have to let go of my “need to do everything myself” attitude and realize that my site will look more professional if I use a template and just customize it.

3) Continue designing stationery and creating an e-commerce/wordpress site to house my stationery.

4) Get legitimate! This is really priority number one. I’ve been able to squeak by without a true business license, but that needs to change now that I’m picking up more clients by myself (sans recruitment agency help).

5) Enjoy Chicago more. We’ve been here 5 months and have barely scratched the surface. It’s odd to think we’ll only be here another year and a half and then Jeremy is done and we’ll be making plans to move back. I want to be able to come back with more memories than just what the inside of the cta blue line looks like.

6) Work less. Play more. This goes along with number five. I may need to take a step back and take less client projects in order to get my sanity back. I want to work on my own projects, including keeping up with this blog. Plus, we have a puppy soon. That means tons of play time, tons of

7) Excersise. It’s really my resolution every year, but with a planet fitness down the street and $10 a month fee, I really can’t make cost an excuse any more. Jeremy and I will join planet fitness and make a schedule of when to go. That combined with the new nightly doggy walks, I may start to feel better about myself and have more energy.



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