Refresh: Once Upon A Time Marathon

So now that I’ve accepted my job at SearsStyle, I have some time before I start. I’ve been really enjoying letting my mind relax a bit. I’m still working on my identity for the Magic Jar like I said I would, but I’m also giving my brain a much-needed break.

Once Upon A Time Source

I’ve stumbled across a tv show called “once upon a time”, starring Jennifer Morrison (from House) and Ginnifer Goodwin. The basic story is that Emma (Jennifer Morrison), a single bounty Hunter in Boston, gets an unexpected visit from her son, Henry, who she gave up 10 years ago for adoption. He tells her he’s from Storybrook Maine, a mysterious little town full of fairy tale characters who have been cursed by the evil queen from Snow White’s story and none of them remember who they are. Henry claims that with the help of his magic story book and Emma’s visit to Storybrook, the queen’s curse will be lifted and the fairy tale characters will be saved.

The plot is pretty predictable, but what I admire is the adaptation of the old stories to a modern “real world” and how both stories are told concurrently. Unlike in the movie “Enchanted”, where the fairy tale characters come to our world as themselves, these fairy tale characters are seemingly regular people, but their personalities and life situations mirror what their true lives were in fairy tale land.

For example, Jimminy Cricket, the character known as Pinocchio’s conscience, turns out to be Henry’s psychiatrist (Dr. Hopper, get it?), helping him decipher right from wrong and truth from fairy tale.

Watching this marathon of “Once Upon A Time” has given my brain a refresh, as well as ignited a curiosity about fairy tales. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did some Fairy Tale inspired work in the holiday future. Here’s a Halloween Inspired Hanzel and Gretel I did last year:

It just goes to show that anything can
spark and refresh your imagination.

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