San Francisco Bound


I really can’t believe that Summer is here or will be fast approaching. It feels like we never got a spring and pretty soon I’ll be forced to confront the unrelenting heat and humidity that is Chicago summer. That paired with violent freak thunderstorms will make for a very soggy Loretta. We’ve barely gotten more than a handful of days that were “dress worthy” these past few months. As a matter of fact, it poured off-and-on last week every day and through the weekend. This makes my upcoming trip to San Francisco that much sweeter. I look forward to the perfect bay area weather that I have missed oh so much this last year. More importantly I can’t wait to see our friends, family and of course eat at all our favorite places.

The original motive for this trip is the How Design Conference that will happen over the weekend from June 22nd – June 24th. I was so excited to see that How was going to be in San Francisco this year since I’ve been unable to attend the last two years due to important life events taking precedent, i.e graduation and moving to Chicago.

So instead of making a quick trip of it, Jeremy and I decided to go together and make that our much deserved “Summer Vacation” and an excuse to see some loved ones before they forget our faces. Sadly we won’t be bringing Zero, but he’s got plenty of his own fun with a friend who will no doubt spoil him rotten while we’re gone.

If it’s your first time visiting San Francisco, you’ll soon learn that you can’t throw a rock without hitting a place to eat. With so many average choices, it’s harder to find the best of the best. To ensure a better chance, I’ve compiled some of our favorite places to eat in the city here.

The first place I’m going to is Millers East Coast Deli. I know, I know.. why go to a East Coast style deli in San Francisco? It’s because they literally have THE best Sandwhiches I’ve ever had. They have any combination of meats and cheeses you could possibly think of and they have the best potato salad (in my opinion. it’s not for everyone).

Second, we have to hit up our favorite bar in the city, Kells, an Irish pub we found one day walking around the Transamerica pyramid. We soon made it “our place” and visited frequently while in school.

Lastly, I have to visit Bob’s donuts for some of the yummiest pastries. This place has been featured on all kinds of food shows for serving a giant donut bigger than your head. A few other things we must have while in San Francisco is good sushi and good dim sum.

I’m really excited about most of the topics at the How conference, especially seeing that one of my favorite designers, Jessica Hische is going to be speaking. I’ve been following her work for a few years now and I was SO sad to hear that she moved to SF right before I moved to Chicago and I didn’t get a chance to meet her.

With 14 days left before we travel, I have so much to do. Here’s a short list:

1) Finish creating assets and uploading projects to my website (soft launch in progress).

2) re-design my business cards and print them.

3) Assemble proper conference outfits and pack for cooler weather.

4) Write the 3 blog posts that I’ve had rattling around in my head for a few weeks.

5) Make a plan for the week so that we see everyone we hope to.

If you can’t make it to the conference, follow me on twitter. I’ll be live tweeting until my battery dies. If you do have the opportunity to go, do reach out and say hi!





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