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Creatively driven welcomes sponsor ads as long as the ads are relevant to creatively driven’s content and audience.

A little more about our Audience

Our readers are creatives looking to make a living off of their skills. They seek information and inspiration on how to market themselves as business professionals and hone their crafts. This list of readers comprises of students and recent graduates in any creative field, aspiring freelancers or business owners, Crafters, bloggers and DIY makers.


Creatively Driven’s Analytics are relatively young and thus vary from month to month. If you are interested in the most recent stats, please contact me. Here is an overview about how Creatively Driven is accessed:

86% are new viewers, 14% returning

81% accesses through desktop, 13% access on mobile, 6% on tablet.

Ad Sizes and Locations

If you’re interested in placing an ad on Creatively Driven, please take a look at the ad options below and contact me.

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