Staying on Track When Over Inspired

Some times I get discouraged when I size myself up to all the work that’s being put out by my favorite designers and agencies. There’s so many amazing projects to look at, and each one is like a shiny little nugget of awesome. With so much new content being pushed out, it’s all too easy to sit and waste the day away just picking up new nuggets. Pretty soon, I’m over stimulated and don’t know what to do with all that I’ve seen. It’s really easy for me to follow the shiny awesome design trail down a path of self-doubt and negativity. “why am I not there yet?” “when will I get there?” “why can’t I be (more) successful like them?”.

I have to remind myself, that the designers and small boutique agencies I look up to have had years of experience under their belts, having paid their dues by working the 9-5 agency jobs that pay crap, or make your soul die a little each day. It was only after gaining enough experience and connections, when they finally took the leap into working for themselves. There’s a ton of risk and unpaid hours going at it alone, but for those who have the drive and a sense of adventure, they come out on top.

And then there’s me, a baby in the design world. I forget how young I am compared to everyone I work with, and that the reason why I’m not there yet, is because I’m simply not there yet. I can’t expect to be instantly successful, even with all the luck I’ve had finding stable work, I still must “pay my dues”, keep my head down, and just keep moving forward on the path I’ve chosen.

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