Tape Sculpture DIY

Mark Jenkins

So I was stumbling and I came across this guy, Mark Jenkins  that does some pretty clever installations both indoors and out. They are the kind that when you walk by them you do a double take because you think you see a real person stuck in a mail bin or sitting on a roof. They are meant to catch your eye and shock you. They are often created to cause scene, something to look at and then you chuckle and look at it again and marvel in it for its brilliance. A few that caught my eye were the ones made out of tape. I first thought they were ice, but then I looked at his info page and at the bottom there’s a tutorial he gives about how to cast things (not yourself) with saran wrap and packing tape.  I think that’s such a cool idea that when I have a free weekend I will try to do some. Here are more of his installations. http://www.xmarkjenkinsx.com


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