Thanksgiving Weekend Adventure

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekends were full of tasty food and family. Jeremy and I had a busy, but fun weekend.


1) Friendsgiving

Jeremy’s friends from school invited us over to a friendsgiving. This was a nice rescue since we didn’t have much family in the area and didn’t want to impose on any extended relatives. The party was potluck style, so Jeremy made a pumpkin spice pie, which was DIVINE.

We started the day of gluttony off right by going to ihop. Something in my head said it was a good idea to get the cheesecake pancakes. I later regretted it, but it WAS tasty. We lounged off the day until 2 when we decided to hit the road. When we arrived at the party, half the guests were already there. The kitchen was warm and steamy from all the food preparation and  the dog, goose was the sweetest beagle I’ve ever met.

It was great to see everyone bringing something, especially things that aren’t a part of my families traditions. For starters, we had 4 potato dishes! Someone made stuffing and green bean casserole, and I think Jeremy’s favorite dish was the korean dumplings brought by his Korean classmate. For a few of them this was their first thanksgiving (being foreign), which made it even sweeter. Oh and did I mention the pies? 5 of them! I think Jeremy’s Cheesecake was by far the best, but the apple pie was a close second.

We ate, we drank, and even played Jeremy’s version of Cherades called Naked! No, it has absolutely nothing to do with de-robing, but the game was invented in highschool, and teenage boys were involved in the naming, so the silly name stuck.

After a bottle of champagne and a very full tummy, Jeremy and I departed for home to sleep off the food coma. We never wanted to eat again.

2) Movie Day

Jeremy let me sleep in, which was beautiful. After I woke up, we lounged about until 10 and decided to go for a walk. We had NO desire to attempt shopping areas. We decided to head over to Boystown and realized we were going to be over by Ann Sather’s place, which, is home to THE best cinnamon rolls in Chicago. It was really cold, so we ordered hot chocolate to warm us up. Good choice in my opinion. I couldn’t believe that as a SIDE DISH to my egg and cheese wrap, I got to choose two large cinnamon rolls and a second side of country potatoes. It was all too much, so I took the rolls home.  We walked around Boystown and stopped at what is becoming our favorite comic book shop. After a lengthy comic book session, we decided a movie would be a great way to stay warm. We decided to go see Red Dawn, which was good, but I wanted more! It seemed to go really quick. I’m sure in the next week or so, Jeremy will have a review on his blog comparing this new version with the old one. We headed home and caught up on the walking dead the rest of the night.

3) Lincoln Park Adventure

Jeremy and I decided to go exploring today. I wanted to go to Montrose point, but when we got there a bunch of people were walking around in ugly christmas sweaters with numbers taped to them. We decided we didn’t want to be near crowds, and drove down the road a ways. Our goal was to go take photos and we ended up at the conservatory of flowers in Lincoln Park. Jeremy got a chance to test out his new 40 mm lens and I got to look at pretty flowers. It was a win win! We walked around some more and had lunch on the edge of old town.

My favorite part of the day was when we headed over to Petco to price out doggy stuff for our soon-to-be-born corgi puppy. We are so incredibly excited and can’t wait until we get to bring him home and play with him. The mother is due December 3rd, so fingers crossed. We wont get to bring him home until he’s 8 weeks old, but we’ll get picture updates.

After our petco excursion, we bought some dvds from Barnes and noble and headed home to watch them.

This weekend is just about over and I feel relaxed and refreshed enough to finally get some work done. I’m spending this whole day working on client work. This weekend was great and I really needed it. It just goes to show that you can really refresh yourself doing anything as long as you’re enjoying yourself. A walk around the neighborhood is free and sometimes just leaving your desk and going somewhere new makes all the difference.

  • looks like so much fun!

    4 December, 2013 at 12:39 pm