The Adventure Project: WIP


Friends, I recently bought myself a new hard drive and as I was backing up all my files, I realized that I have over 123 gigs of photos and a huge chunk of those were taken in the last year. “HOLY COW”, I thought. “I’ve got to do something with these!” Our grand adventure must be shared and not just on my timeline on Facebook. MOST of our family members don’t even have a Facebook, and a few don’t even have email. So we needed a physical copy of something that told our story.

I didn’t know what to do with them. In middle school I started making scrap books and soon learned how tedious it can be. Since then, I have kept plain photo albums but the photos aren’t in any order and serve less as a proud display of my memories and more of a temporary holder. I’ve got one for highschool, and a couple for college, but since then I haven’t printed many pictures of Jeremy and I’s life. They deserve more than a quick print and assembly, No, they need to be showcased and celebrated (and you know, designed..). I came across a Elise Blaha’s “project life” series and fell in love. I guess this is a new thing that people do. They take photo separators and make beautiful themed pages with the pockets. If I had a 4X6 printer and a ton of extra time, I would do this but there’s still only one copy, and as special and unique as it may be, I need to be able to make copies for our family.

This is why, over the next year I will be putting together a book using Blurb. Because I have lightroom 5, I can import, edit and organize my photos into pre-made blurb templates. Blurb has some awesome new paper choices and I’ve seen examples of their printing. It’s beautiful. The only drawback is that their templates can be limiting and I’ve noticed that ¬†lightroom 5 is really buggy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.51.46 PM

My goal is to document the 2 years we are here in Chicago and give the book as a gift to our family members by the time we get back, so it’s as if they were experiencing it along with us.




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