The Magic Jar: Sneak Peak

Hello Friends,

It’s been quite a while since a post. I’ve been busy working full time for Charlotte Russe, and when I find time, I’ve been developing the identity, visual language, web site, and assets for my stationery company: The Magic Jar. Unfortunately I’m a little behind on posting my lastest and greatest stationery creations. But no fear! Here are the newest ones ready for spring/easter. Alas, I had hoped my site would be up by this point, but it’s a slow process.

Website Sneak Peak:

(still a work in progress!)

And here are some spring inspired cards:

(the color behind the card is the envelope.. not a huge chunky border)

What would it be like if the easter bunny were a hipster? Well he’d prabobably be super lame and say something idiotic like “I only hide vegan eggs”. This is a great addition to my hipster series.

Kind of an oldie, but still one of my favorites and not many have seen it. Another everyday note card.

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