The Ocean is #MyPieceofHappy

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This past weekend was marvelous! Jeremy is back from LA for good (finally!) and we spent the weekend enjoying each others company, taking Zero out for long walks, and seeing old friends. Sunday we took Zero to the beach early in the morning. It was foggy and cold, but that didn’t stop us from walking out to low tide and letting zero play in the water. As I walked along barefoot, with the sand squishing between my toes, I suddenly looked around and in that moment I said to myself, I’m truly happy.



There’s something about being close to the water, smelling the salt, and feeling the cold wind on my face that energizes me. Some of my fondest memories are centered around going to the ocean. I say ocean because we never really “hung out at the beach”. We didn’t play in the sand or swim in the water. No, I was a northern California kid, so it was always too cold for that. Instead, we walked along the beach, climbed over rocks, and explored the tide pools for creatures. Still to this day, one of my favorite places is Mendocino county and Fort Bragg, where my family would visit quite often over long weekends and summer breaks.

This little abstract painting was what I see when I close my eyes and think about the ocean. Don’t forget to follow along on twitter and/or instagram: #mypieceofhappy


What makes you happy today? Comment below!