Thoughts for the Weekend


Happy Friday!

I’ve been back in Chicago since late Monday but haven’t had a chance to do anything but work in order to catch up to where we should be. As it is, I sit here at work in silence, hours before anyone else arrives, just so that I can get a leg up on today. I had a great visit with family in Orange County, though it was too short of course. Halloween was lackluster in my neighborhood. Very few kids were out and about, probably due to the on and off rain. Jeremy and I stayed in and watched a movie, one I definitely didn’t like, but i got to have my fill of red vines and pizza, so I couldn’t complain too much.

Lately I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from companies or individuals who are interested in guest blogging or advertising on Creatively Driven. Most of them I have turned down because their writing either doesn’t fit the Creatively Driven voice or they sound sketchy. I’m still working out the “rules” for how I handle guest posts and advertising, but just know that you will most likely see sponsors and affiliates to come, and to be honest that is the next logical step for blogs that want to be self-sustaining or even profitable. That was never my first goal, but I won’t deny that part of my dream job was to have a blog that was informative, engaging, and profitable. Long story short: you may see some ads or sponsors popping up soon. I will always make sure that they are creative sponsors, something I wouldn’t mind clicking on, because it irks me when I’m on someone’s blog and they have an ad for something completely unrelated.

Blog posts in the works include: “Top 5 must do’s before freelancing” (working title) and a possible interview with Tom Tumbusch about what it takes to become a freelance writer.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Thoughts for the Weekend

    1 November, 2013 at 7:52 am
  • Welcome back! Looking forward to the upcoming “to do before freelancing” post and any affiliate ones too.

    1 November, 2013 at 10:40 am