TO DO: for the month of September

It’s been two solid months since Jeremy and I moved to Chicago and I’ve just started to adjust to sticky humidity of summer, only to have to switch gears and prepare myself for the bitter cold.

Last month, was full of work and more work. Between new clients and relaunching my blog here at creatively driven, and family coming for 10 days to visit, I’ve barely had a minute to relax.¬†This month I have more goals for myself and the blog:

Articles for the Blog:

  • Mood board: Creatively Driven
  • Freelance Trial and Error: “The Locked Vault”
  • Art of: Price sheets
  • Adventure: Fort Sheridan


  • Get out of the house!
  • Finish “Game of Thrones” book 4
  • Read “A book a part books” ( and write a review)
  • Grow back out my nails. Stress has caused me to revert to old habits of chewing them down.
  • Get my hair cut. My bangs have grown out and it’s gotten much too thick again.
  • Buy new jeans. because I have holes in my good pair.
  • Have an anniversary dinner? On the 29th, Jeremy and I will have been dating for 2 years. I feel like we should do something.. but what? Any suggestions?


  • Invoice Loose Fries
  • Begin phase 2 of logo development for Jessica Cahalen
  • Begin phase 2 of logo development for Designer Roo
  • Begin Phase 1 of logo development for Cherise Wilson
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