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Happy monday!

Last friday, my new work took a bunch of us out to an “offsite” team building exercise. At first, I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about spending 4+ hours doing silly activities with a group of strangers, but it turned out to be an awesome day. We met up for lunch at this place called Zero Zero, A high end bar/restaurant where they served up a bunch of dishes family style including some tasty pizza. We then walked a few short blocks to a place called 1 AM. It’s part gallery, part class, part supply store for graffiti artists and writers.


That’s right, we were taking graffiti lessons from a very reputable graffiti artist by the name of Joker. He and his “crew” started 1am (short for first amendment, but i like the double meaning of doing illegal grafitti early in the morning) to support the vibrant community of graffiti artists in the bay area, teach people about the truth about graffiti art and writing, and also take on legal paying work.

graffiti tag practice

He taught us a brief history of graffiti, which i found absolutely fascinating. This was followed by practicing our own unique tags on white boards. We then went on a quick walk to study a few graffiti pieces by a world renowned artist. The best part of the whole day had to be when he let us actually tag a wall.


The last thing we did was work together to color in a graffiti rendition of our logo. Of course our guide blocked it all out for us and cleaned up our work.


 I totally understand the satisfaction you get after you put a piece of yourself down somewhere for all to see.

I honestly never realized how much fun tagging was. I totally understand the satisfaction you get after you put a piece of yourself down somewhere for all to see. When you return to that place its like a nostalic memory and it becomes a game to see how many places you can mark to say “I was here”. Don’t worry, you wont be seeing any of my logo popping up on walls anywhere. I have too much respect for other people’s belongings to ever want to deface their property.


Friday was a great example of why it’s so important to try new mediums and to always welcome different thinking.

Here are some new mediums you could try:

Graffiti lessons from 1am

Calligraphy workshop from Molly Jacques

Clay Sculpture Lessons

Painting with light

Photography lessons on Skillshare

Go make stuff and stay driven!

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