Up to Lately: Trip Chinatown

Happy Fall! It’s starting to get colder here in Chicago. Pretty soon I’m going to be needing a full-blown coat and boots. This weekend I needed a break, so we relaxed, ran some errands and went to Chinatown, since I’d never been. The second you get off the train platform you can smell the food. We knew we were in the right spot. We walked around the little square shopping area for a bit. We managed to find a mesh strainer, two ceramic wonton soup spoons, and chopsticks for like $8, as opposed to the one we saw at bed bath and beyond for $30! What a deal! We also couldn’t help ourselves and bought some Asian candy. I was super happy to see my old favorite Botan Rice Candy. It brought back memories of having sushi in Alameda with my family. Because we always ate sushi like the world was about to end, the little old lady owner would always give my brother and I a box of rice candy on the house.

The little mall had so many delicious options for food, but we really wanted some good Dim Sum. We decided to try Hing Kee, and were not disappointed. Unfortunately we were so excited to eat the stuff, that I forgot to take pictures. Next time!

I’m going to try to keep up with 2-3 posts a week. I’ve got some guest posts coming up soon, so that’s exciting. I’ve also created a posting calendar to create little more structure on when and what I post.

Aside from keeping up with my blog, I’m going to continue to develop my stationery line, now that I’ve settled. I believe it’s been put on hold long enough. You may see a mood board for the identity come up very soon! Stay tuned.


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  • mom

    Wow, looks great, makes my mouth water!

    24 September, 2012 at 2:03 pm