Up to Lately: Work, Anniversary, Blog

Hello Friends,

Life lately has been a little busier than normal. To start with, we kicked off a new project last week at work on top of our other day-to-day work, and the deadline is tomorrow. Yikes! Second, Jeremy’s Kick starter for his thesis film, The Jog, has been submitted for review and we’re playing the waiting game. I’ve worked with Jeremy to design his logo and help him come up with a social media marketing strategy. More about that later, but for now, please help support us by Liking the Jog page.  


Our Anniversary is this weekend and we plan on taking a trip to St. Louis the following weekend. I can’t believe we’ve been together 3 years (more if you count the “dating in denial” period) I’m really excited to go on another adventure with my partner in crime. We’ll be leaving Zero at his day care center (yes, our dog has day care. What a spoiled pooch) where he’s stayed before while we went to San Francisco in June.

The Blog

After I sent out my survey, I decided that I wanted to re-design my blog. The current theme is a purchased template, and has never been 100% what I’ve wanted. For one, it bugs me that the exact date of the post doesn’t show. Second, I’d like the categories to be more prominent so that people can find what they want. I also am starting an affiliate program and need to be able to have a more adjustable side bar.

The layout is pretty set, but I’m having trouble with the theme. Right now I’m in love with dada/ constructivism inspired collages. The trouble I’m having is that I don’t know if having a “mixed media” theme would be overkill on top of the mixed media art I plan on producing for it, like The Unicorn Hybrid Designer

I will write a post about my blog inspiration all on it’s own this week. For now, does anyone have any resources on blog theme design best practices?

Have a wonderful week!