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Upto Lately: Where did my life go?

It’s been over a month since I posted last, and for that I apologize. I did what I normally do and take on too much at one time. On top of that I grossly underestimated how much Zero was going to distract me from my work. It’s just way too hard to ignore that cute little face. If you haven’t explored his blog yet, go to 

Designing for searsStyle has been very rewarding, but also incredibly stressful and frustrating. I love marketing for fashion. The creative I get to work with is fun, and because they have to be “on trend” the content always changes. The challenging part is working within the strange world of agency within a corporate retail structure. We have that “work until it’s done” and “anything to please the client” mentality paired with the insane break neck speeds of in-house. We desperately need more help, but have been denied, so we are stuck in this constant cycle of constant last minute fire drills and playing catchup.

There’s also an incredible amount of politics. The company is so large that there are so many stakeholders with different priorities and none of them align to create a better shopping experience. Every change is an upward battle lasting weeks if not months. I struggle daily with letting things go, knowing that theres nothing I can really do. The righteous person that I am wants to quit and refuse to give them what they want because it’s wrong, but the prospects for another job LIKE this here in Chicago are slim.. so I stay put, hoping it will get better, but not kidding myself.

Aside from my 40+ hour a week job, I did the silly thing of taking on 5 clients at a time. I just couldn’t resist working with these extraordinary people and now that it’s all over I’m very glad I did. Here’s a sneak peek of some of them:

Aaron Hartselle is a fabulous event planner + stylist from the San Francisco Bay area. He contacted me looking to start out on his own business. Together with the help of Bess Friday Photography, who captured his events beautifully, Aaron now has a very striking portfolio site, modern and clean logo, and an added quirk with the talk bubble motif. The next phase will be to create some equally beautiful business cards.

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Travis Brady was an expecting mother looking to decorate her new baby’s room with some simple iconic posters with personal nick name phrases between her and her husband. A super personal and fun project that gave me a chance to work on my illustration.

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Cherise Wilson a recent Game Art Design Graduate, is a dear friend of mine and former peer mentor colleague. She came to me asking for a consultation on her branding as she was preparing to graduate from the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. I was all too happy to make sure her website and logo were consistently branded and looked gorgeous. This truly was a partnership the whole project. Cherise’s goal was to incorporate her love of feminine art nouveau motifs with a bold and celestial color scheme. She drew her female and I consulted on layout best practices.

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What’s on the horizon?

On top of those three projects, I’m constantly working on Jeremy’s new site. We’re moving his portfolio and blog all onto one wordpress, so it will all be cohesive and he can update it on his own. I have to get it done by NAB which is first week of April, so stay tuned!

I’m re-designing my website! It’s been almost 2 years and my portfolio site is in desperate need of a refresh. I’m working with the lovely Zoe Rooney, a talented developer that provides custom hand coded wordpress themes. SO, I’ve been working on the design for months now, and it’s due april 1st. After I hand off, I believe it will be ready by May, which is exciting!

Family visits

It seems that April and May will be full of family coming to see us. First comes Jeremy’s mom and grandma in the middle of April, then my parents come in the beginning of May. I’m incredibly excited to see them, since I will not have seen them for a year. They’ve traveled all over the midwest/west and are finally venturing out this way to Chicago. There’s also talk of Jeremy’s dad and other grandma coming out in August for his 25th birthday.

We’re visiting SF in June!

I’m finally signing up for the Freelancer’s conference as a part of the how design live conference. I’ve wanted to go for two years but two years ago I was graduating, and last year I was moving. This year it’s in San Francisco and I couldn’t NOT go back home and see friends too, so Jeremy and I are taking our summer vacation to go back to SF. We can’t wait  to see friends and family while we’re there. The only bummer is that Zero can’t come with. He’ll stay with a wonderful friend here who loves dogs and promises to teach him a few new tricks while we’re gone. :)

There’s still so much to do, but I’m getting through it. In between play time, over time, and sleep I find a few moments to work on personal stuff..

Stay tuned friends..


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