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I was going through some of my business cards that I’ve collected from all the designers I’ve met and gone to school with. A lot of them had amazing print portfolios, but when I went to view their websites, I was shocked to find that they were either not there, or haven’t been updated since they graduated. In all fairness, I know a lot of them have been working steadily, probably at the same jobs, since graduation and haven’t seen a reason to update their websites when they are currently employed. That may work for fulltime in-house or agency life, but as a freelancer, your website is your biggest marketing tool and must be updated frequently.

I’m currently working on taking my website and rebuilding it from scratch adding in what little bits of HTML 5 and CSS3 I know. I also designed a layout that was more modular and can be responsive more easily. I’m learning a lot about responsive design from A book apart, as well as Summer of Learning, but I still feel that there’s some basics I’m missing.

Here’s the basic (rough) idea: (grey= out of viewport)

The trouble I’m running into is getting the divs to stay the right height. Right now they are leaving white gaps where there isn’t any copy. It’s a work in progress. We’ll see if this website refresh ever gets finished!



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