Website sketches

Here are my two sketches for webdesign:

Purpose of the site:

The site is supposed to serve as  “one stop shop” for me. It has my Porftolio, my blog, and my other social networking information. The main message i want it to say is “im a freelance graphic designer and I’m open for business”

Target audience:

Future employers (both freelance and design firms), mostly packaging, branding, and print media employers.


Design a clear and organized website that features my work and blog.

This one is a clean and minimal design, using a right collumn navigation and a large center area for content.

This one is classified by a large header area that has "big type blurb", a horizontal navigationm and a three column area that has "contact me", "latest in my blog", "latest tweet". The gallery page would be a four colums of medium sized thumbnails.

I combined the two together: Large type navigation (right aligned), Large type blurb, Latest from my portfolio section Latest from my blog/ twitter.

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