Weekend Adventure: Fort Bragg

It’s been nearly one year since we went on my weekend adventure to Fort Bragg, one of my favorite places while growing up. It was June 2011, and having just graduated from design school, I was in much need of a vacation. I didn’t have the luxury of “taking a break” to relax before entering the work force. My free ride was over and I needed to start proving that I could support myself. So while some graduates took a few months off to sleep and have a life, I took a mere weekend and drove up the coast with my boyfriend.

I chose Fort Bragg because my parents used take my brother and I there once a month when we were kids and some of my best memories were shared there.

The drive there was gorgeous. I’ve always loved driving through wine country and redwood groves. Even though I can get motion sick, the views are worth it. Jeremy’s small go pro camera captured the whole trip in time-lapse photography. View our trip back here (second video).

We arrived at the Surf Motel on the edge of town late, weary of the long drive and exited for our weekend of fun. The next morning we went straight for the tide pools, which was always my favorite place to go.

I think what I love most about the northern coast is the coolness of the air, the rocky shores, and the fresh salty sea smell. Here you won’t find people sun bathing on the beach in bikinis or surfing for that matter. It’s just quiet, and serene.

The second day we went to Mendocino, a town 20 minutes south of Fort Bragg. It’s much more touristy, but still very beautiful and full of fun, artsy shops to explore. The flowers were so gorgeous! It seemed like everything was in bloom.

I kept noticing some of the cutest fences and benches made out of drift wood. Everything I saw had history and had a story.

I hope to go back there some day. It is true the town itself has less life in it than it did, but if you’re going to get away from a computer and just breath in the sea, Fort Bragg or Mendocino are a wonderful place to go.

Next month I hope to share with you our grand adventure to Chicago. We’re driving through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Finally Illinois and we’ll be documenting the whole thing.

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