Weekend Adventure: St. Helena

Here’s another one of our weekend excursions into nature. I find more than ever that I need to take these little breaks away from my computer screen to avoid burnout.

This time we took a visit to St. Helena, near Napa. It’s a tiny little town in-between three state and regional parks. We drove in late friday and went immediately to our motel of choice, El Bonita. It was nearly 10 PM by the time we arrived, so we dropped our stuff off and went to search for dinner. We ended up at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, where the food was just amazing. Every dish was rich and full of calories, but oh so good.

The next morning we decided we really needed to walk off those calories, so we started early for the trail in Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. We followed the creek for a long way, crossing it several times.

It made me happy to see redwoods because they’re very nostalgic for me. My parents used to take my brother and I up to the redwoods a lot, and I always remember feeling a peaceful liveliness there. Something you can’t get in any other type of place. As it was, the higher we climbed, the warmer and more sparse the trees got, and the more cranky I became. We made our way up to one of the “vista points” where you could see a sea of trees. It was so gorgeous and breath-taking. After a quick lunch, we made our way back down into the cool damp redwoods (where I like it better) and back to the car.

I know that I’m 100% a city girl. I’m not one to rough it. Ever. But not even I can deny the powerful feeling that overcomes me when I’m in the middle of a redwoods forest, and no one else is around.

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