Weekend Thoughts: Choosing your Battles


I’ll be honest with you. I’m a fighter. I’ve always been a very headstrong person, and even as a little girl I had to question everything. My mother would always tell me “Loretta you need to learn to pick and choose your battles”. The problem with me is that every battle is worth fighting for because I feel strongly about all of them. It’s something I still struggle with daily and I have to be reminded to let things go by friends, co-workers, and employers. Today though, I did back down. Maybe not at first, but when I realized arguing with my project manager, even if i could get her to see my point, wasn’t going to win me a clever designer award, so I dropped it and said “ok”. That was hard. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult. A light should just click on and say “this isn’t a fight you can win, Loretta. Drop it” but no, instead it says “This is wrong and you know it’s wrong. Fight for what you believe in!”. So I walked back to my desk and I fumed in silence for an hour, because I didn’t agree with the direction I had been given. Very. Bad. Loretta.

It’s going to take a lot more days like today where I may not give up at first, but something inside me finally says “enough already, it’s ok to lose now and again”. The goal for me however is to acknowledge when I start to feel like I need to challenge, step back and say “why is this important to me? Is it because I want to be right and have it my way? Or is it something worth arguing over?”

Having the ability to check yourself on a regular basis is a good skill to have, because we all have something that we should work on. My biggest fear is that people think I’m difficult to work with because I can’t take orders without questioning everything. This is what I will think about over the weekend, as we enjoy the fall weather with Zero and get down to work.

Last week I procrastinated again, futzing some more with my blog. I’m going through my internal battle right now where I mull over ideas in my head. It will come eventually, when the ideas have really had a time to stew and make sense.

I have to put it aside for a while to focus on more immediate projects:

Preparing for Orange County:

It’s been a year since I’ve seen my Nana in Orange County, which is unheard of. I’ve seen her 2-3 times a year for as long as I can remember. We’re very close and it’s been hard for the both of us to be away for so long. I’m taking a thursday through monday off at the end of October to go see her and coincidentally see my parents who will be in that neck of the woods. It should be a great time for relaxation. Her condo is in a dead zone, so internet/cell reception is limited.

Preparing for How Interactive Conference:

Just by sheer luck, HOW is putting on a 3 day interactive conference in Chicago! I had to jump on that one, seeing as It’s here and saving on hotel and air fare alone is incentive enough to go. I signed up for a portfolio review, something I haven’t had in 2 years (eeeek). I’m really nervous because when you’re interviewing for a job, no one ever comments on your work other than “this is great” or silence. I also don’t have a ton of “interactive” work. My portfolio has largely been made up of digital marketing for fashion and beauty. I have designed a few concepts for websites and of course my own portfolio site theme for wordpress, but nothing else from start to finish.

I want to finish re-working Moolah!, the budgeting app for college students.

I want to finally get to the UI phase of my Cal’s Corgis breeder website concept I did for a skillshare class.

And I want to get my new concept for Creatively Driven far enough to show as a work in progress.

Lastly, I’m contemplating on re-working my business card (again) having one side for my portfolio and one side for my blog. That may be too confusing, so I may just end up handing out two cards, which is fine too. You of course can get to my blog from my site, but i find that most people don’t get curious enough to click on blogs attached to a portfolio site.

Lots to do and lots to think about. Have a great weekend!


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