Widen Media Reboot Pt. 1

Since my contract ended at Benefit in late december I have had a few weeks to work on Jeremy’s site, widenmedia.com. Jeremy hadn’t had an update since June 2010 so it was definitely time. He also made a decision to go into freelancing, so we brainstormed on how to make the site more successful.

Jeremy’s challenge was to organize all the information that would make sense to a viewer and mine was to come up with a visual system that aided his content. We decided to try Adobe’s Muse. Though it’s still in beta, i’ve heard good things and to a graphic designer with only html and css under her belt, it was a godsend. Jquery slide shows and lightbox were no longer an issue and I was able to control the consistency through use of master pages and character styles.

The visual system:

Because I think in color and imagery, I often apply colors to people’s personalities and Jeremy is definitely a grey. That doesn’t mean he’s boring or emo, but he’s methodical. He’s a thinker, a strategist, and a problem solver. He’s mature (sometimes hah) and he speaks to the point. So why add the yellow? Because grey and white is, in my mind, very limiting. I added a third color in there to give his identity an edgy-ness and multi dimensions.

On top of the colors, I added a treatment to photos. The “hero” photos that are on the first page, promoting new projects or stories would be black and white with his yellow overlayed in different color modes. The addition of thin lines refers back to an outlined rubix cube I did for him that acted as supporting imagery. To me outlines often make me think of scientific illustrations or instructions, denoting intelligence and  a problem solving nature.

We stuck with Helvetica because it’s a clean straight forward font and that’s really all he needed.

In addition to those parts, I also added in a series of circles that reference different apertures. Last year’s big purchase was a Cannon 7d, with which he’s shot both the Fall Fest 2011 (coming soon) and Ann Taylor  event.

Overall I’m very happy with the look of the website. We’ve got a few more pages to add in including a services and gear rental page but that will come in the months ahead. Jeremy has acquired quite a bit of gear over the last year and has rented out a few pieces including his H4 audio recorder. If you’re interested in his gear list, you can contact him at Jeremy@widenmedia.com

Reboot pt. 2 has already started. Jeremy’s stationery has all incorporated his color scheme and new style. What’s left is a good quality business card. No more office depot or home made business cards. He’s going to get a business card that he and I are proud of.

A full review on muse to come.

Stay Tuned.

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