So this is just a picture of some widen media identity stuff that’s “in the works”. Jeremy and I have taken a look at his identity and thought it needed some updating. His website pretty much hasn’t been touched (save some minor edits) since he graduated a year ago, and that’s not entirely his fault. Working 60 hours a week, (on top of taking care of a girlfriend who hates to cook or clean ) doesn’t give you much time to edit your website. His business card and stationery system was re-designed for my portfolio but never actually carried out.

Well now he’s out of business cards, and he’s got some new ideas about how to freshen up his site and infuse some of his lively personality. I said lets bring in more grey and less black and maybe a touch of yellow here and there. We hope to print out some version 2.1’s for this upcoming weekend and then when we find the perfect photo, drop some cash and get nice ones done for version 3.

I’m excited to see the whole system carried out.

On top of the stationery, we’ve purchased two tickets to an Adobe Muse workshop so that we can learn how to make slick html websites without coding so much as a <body> tag.

Exciting stuff is in the works! Jeremy is getting a revamp to put some UMPH in his branding and make it work harder for him. I really want to screen print a shirt that says “HIRE MY BOYFRIEND” and then on the back have his details… grey shirt, yellow type.. i like it.

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