WIP: Creatively Driven Re-Design

As promised, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been working on. This is all very rough still and will most likely go through quite a bit of revisions but you can at least see where it’s going.

I’ve always been inspired by colage and mixed media, especially Dadaism, constructivism, and abstract art. I wanted my blog to have an artists journal/paper scrap feel to it, without going too overboard with textures and elements.This mood board demonstrates the type of artwork that I’ll be creating for the blog, but the blog itself needs to be more simple so that it doesn’t distract from reading.

Version 1

Using a lot of different paper scraps. I started feeling very boxed in and felt like if my artwork were to be made up of paper shapes and images, that it would almost be too much on the page.



Version 2

Took out the background of the article copy and the paper behind the headlines in the side barcreatively-driven_blog_tests_v2


So I felt stuck

I decided to go back to my pinterest board and grab ONLY the images that really spoke to me. I created a mood board (something I should have done in the beginning!) And it helped me simplify and

One challenge has been determining color palette. I first tried a pink color as an accent:



And then I thought maybe green:CD_mooD_GREEN creatively-driven_blog_tests_green


But I think going neutral is going to win out:




As you can see, I’m still messing around with fonts, weights, and alignments. For fonts I have 4 right now and need to narrow it down: Nevis for titles (nod to those bold chunky fonts you would see in Dadaism, constructivism and Swiss design), Lekton and courier (going for a journalistic feeling, but I need to pick between one or the other), and handsome script (for a personal touch).

The “suggested reads” and “comments” section still needs a lot of work. The hierarchy is missing here, but I’ll get there!

If you have any comments or suggestions, I’m definitely open to constructive feedback. Thanks for being patient!


*all moood board images are for inspiration only. I do not own the copyright to any and all (and more) can be found on my Pinterest Board